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Welcome Monster Truck Fans!

You've found the newest ALL Monster Truck web page! We're still working on the site and it's not quite ready yet. It should be finished and fully online this fall. We don't believe in "Under Construction" signs so we won't put it online until it's completely finished.

What we've done is made a survey so that we know EXACTLY what you, as a Monster Truck fan, want in an all Monster Truck web page. Please fill out as much of the following survey as you want to. You don't have to answer anything you don't want to. If you at least provide your e-mail address, we will e-mail you as soon as Monster Mania goes online.

Click HERE for a list of upcoming features that you'll find here on Monster Mania!

We hope you continue to check back regularly and we'll do the best we can to make the wait worth while.

The Monster Truck Ground Pounder's Web Site is now online HERE!

Site News

6/9 = BIG THANKS to Bigfoot and The World of Monster Trucks for providing links to this site so quickly. Another BIG THANKS to all of the people that have filled out the survey, all of your feedback is helping us create a great site for you!

6/10 = GOOD NEWS! Due to the great response we got (far greater than we had expected) we're really going to push to try and get the site online by August 1st...or maybe sooner...

6/17 = Congrats to Tom Meents and Monster Patrol for taking the win at US Truck Fest Friday and Saturday nights and to Dan Runte and Bigfoot for taking the win on Sunday afternoon! Congrats also to Liquidator for his win Saturday and to Little Tiger for his win Sunday. Our best wishes go to Scott Stephens of King Krunch. He was on his way to the semi-finals on Sunday afternoon when he rolled the truck after the final set of cars completely destroying it. Scott is ok but there isn't much left of his truck. Click HERE for pictures!

6/30 = Due to popular demand, pictures of your favorite Monster Trucks from USTruck Fest are now available! Pictures of Bigfoot, Grave Digger, Bear Foot, Extreme Overkill, Ground Pounder, Wild Thang, Boogey Van, Gun Slinger, Monster Patrol, Liquidator, and Predator are now available HERE!

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